Education Strategy

The Institute seeks to support the growth and development of individuals and organisations by making knowledge accessible, affordable and relevant. The Institute support the learners progress and advancement by providing an integrated education strategy which reflects the following:

  • A focus on general education and broad awareness of integrated management thinking.

  • Accelerated learning experiences in the form of seminars, workshops and dedicated courses.

  • Specialist certified and accredited programmes in specialist strands.

  • Academic accredited knowledge programmes.

The unique strategy adopted by the Zairi Institute is committed to support the growth and development of organisations by developing on one hand of human capability element, but also the organisational wider capability aspect through the injection of relevant knowledge and proven best practices.

The Strategy supported by the Institute will use a progressive approach that will provide the learners with a lifelong learning perspective and support them in their work environment by helping forge close relationships with them and with parent organisations.

The Zairi Institute is driven by an education strategy that values the following unique competitive and differentiating aspects:

  • An integrated lifelong learning based approach which is fuelled by a progressive growth in knowledge provision, and therefore accumulation and also a progressive growth and development of human capital.

  • A commitment to the growth and development of individuals and organisations through a 4 stage strategy (relationship initiation, capability development, knowledge based impact and partner relationship management.)

  • Zairi Educational Strategy is based on a commitment to quality, dedication and responsiveness, innovativeness and customer value.