Welcome to Zairi Institute

The main purpose for the creation of the Zairi Institute are Knowledge Creation, Management Education and Knowledge Transfer to Organisations and Knowledge Dissemination much more widely. The Institute is driven by a set of values and guiding principles based on appreciation for the need to preserve knowledge in its various formats and at different stages of its inception, development, management and transfer. The Institute will seek to adhere to the highest standard of integrity and will conduct itself with high levels of ethical conduct, with transparency and stakeholder accountability.

The Zairi Institute came together with the European Centre for Total Quality Management and now has become a prominent and respectable institute at an International level. The European Centre for Best Practice Management (previously known as European Centre for Total Quality Management ECTQM), was first established in 1987 as a unique and highly innovative European Centre for Research and Knowledge transfer in the domain of Total Quality Management and related fields. For instance, ECTQM has worked at National and International levels in United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.


Professor Mohamed Zairi has received awards for Grant Medal and The Yoshio Kondo Academic Research Prize