About us

Zairi Institute has influenced management thinking worldwide for nearly 30 years and has worked closely with 100s of public and private sector organisations. Starting in the 1980s with Advanced Manufacturing Technology assisting SMEs in particular to introduce sophisticated technological systems.

Through the Founder and its many international associates Zairi Institute is recognised as one of the main pioneers in the field of Benchmarking and Best Practice Management and is also globally accepted as a leading Research and Education Centre.

The Institute represents a very unique approach to how knowledge can be put to work. Zairi Institute has conducted training programs in over 50 countries targeting Senior Executives and Managers. Its approach to Education and Learning covered Executive seminars and workshops, certified specialist programmes and academic programs at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Zairi Institute 50 Books on Excellence celebration 2015 Dubai


Zairi Institute is created for the main purpose of Knowledge Creation, Management Education and Knowledge Transfer to Organisations and Knowledge Dissemination much more widely. The Institute is driven by a set of values and guiding principles based on appreciation for the need to preserve knowledge in its various formats and at different stages of its inception, development, management and transfer. The Institute will seek to adhere to the highest standard of integrity and will conduct itself with high levels of ethical conduct, with transparency and stakeholder accountability.


To be the preferred Centre for Human Capital Development and a pioneer in organisational excellence.


To expand human capital potential by providing innovative learning opportunities that can drive organisational excellence.

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Performance Management

  • Process Innovation Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Healthcare Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Total Quality Management

  • Technology Management

  • Operations Management

  • R&D Management

  • Risk Management

  • Capability Management

  • Customer Development and Management

  • Benchmarking and Best Practice Management

  • Change Management and Business Process Reengineering

  • Knowledge Based Management and Learning Organisation

  • Empowerment, Teamwork, Self Managed Work Teams and Team Appraisal

  • Design Management and the use of special tools such as Quality Function Deployment

  • Environmental Management and Health and Safety Management

  • Leadership and Performance Appraisal

  • Brand Development and Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Customer Experience Management

  • Customer Development and Management

  • Business Excellence and Integrative Management